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Welcome, Welcome… I’m so glad you stopped by. Let me see how to start….. I’m Tamara, the face behind the Body Potions. We are a family farm in Acton, CA. We moved here to raise our kids and try to be more self-sufficient. Well that didn’t take long to join after school clubs and stuff.

We joined 4H and it was over once I met those adorable little goat faces. They’re sweet, fun, have cutepersonalities but the best part is that sweet milk. I have allergies to the world so when I was able to drink milk again, I was in love.

When I realized how much my skin felt better from the goat milk, we began Body Potions. Goat milk is known to help eczema, psoriasis, skin pain, dry skin, acne and so much more. We make lotions, soaps and beauty products all from the sweet goat milkfrom our farm, Vasquez Ranch.

You can follow our journeys and adventures on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Our Farm

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