Organic Goat Milk Beauty Products


Nov 15, 2022

Hi there and welcome! Just a little introduction of us, in case you haven’t heard our story.

We have a small family ranch in Acton (Vasquez Ranch), where we raise goats. Goats are sweet and have a friendly disposition.

When my kids were younger they joined 4H and I fell hard in love with their sweet faces. I just couldn’t be without these little darlings.

Have you ever tasted goat milk? It’s the richest and sweetest milk there is, tastes like whole milk but sweeter.

It’s thick and makes the best cheeses, ice cream and our goat milk beauty products.

Well now that I’ve told you who we are, let me tell you why. I am extremely allergic to everything, well mostly itchy. I get so itchy from skincare products

that it makes it hard for me to buy products. With all the itchiness and the wasted money I decided if i can’t buy it i need to make it. That’s when Body Potions was made.

My skin has never felt better, Goat milk is the best for sure. Do you have itchy skin? Tell me about it…..

Talk with you soon, Tamara